Who We Are - Key Automotive Solutions, Inc. is a company based in southern New Jersey, whose primary business is to successfully implement sales campaigns for new and pre-owned car dealerships.

Key Automotive Solutions
personnel have combined experience of over 60 years in Finance, Desking, and Closing deals.

Key Automotive Solutions, Inc.  specializes in financial solutions for new and used car dealers. We understand the many variables and challenges confronting the automotive industry (negative equity, economic downturn, low traffic flow, heightened average days of inventory, untrained sales personnel).  Try our Super Sale, producing 1 month of income in just one 5 day campaign.


Tints, balloons, sales posters and large inflatable attention getters at the entrance of your dealership are no longer enough to convince consumers to come onto your lot to consider an automotive purchase. 

Profitable dealer events are most effective when they are inspired, well-planned, include festivities that both embrace the community, engage the public while painting your dealership as an amicable and trustworthy entity to do business with.

That's where Key Automotive Solutions will increase your bottom line.

We Have Your Solution Now!!

What We Do - Key Automotive Solutions, Inc. will provide professional and qualified sales personnel and a powerful management team to work in conjunction with existing staff at new car dealerships.  Register Now!

Here's the Difference - We have a solution now!!  Key Automotive Solutions unique selling proposition employs a highly advanced software system utilizing sophisticated calculations running every possible way a secondary or marginal customer can get approved.  Our proprietary system will match the customer to a car (in your inventory) along with the most suitable financing using literally thousands of possible combinations.  This is all accomplished in a way that maximizes both front and back end gross to your bottom line.  This also limits the risk of human error associated with other methods.  Why not get started today?  Register Now to move you dealership to the next level.

Where we do it - Key Automotive Solutions, Inc. will implement a successful sales campaign anywhere in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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